Wedding Films

“What is the difference between videography and cinematography?”

Videography is merely “recording” a video footage and later combined them into a full length (at times hours) video. Cinematography on the other hand is about producing films and cinemas. In cinematography, each shot is pre-planned and conceptualized (even in actual days) so we can have the exact footage that we need to fit it into a bigger story. A lot aspect comes into play, such as composition, lighting, camera movement, subject movement, wide shots, extreme close ups, multiple angles, voice of the groom, ambient sound and etc.

Each story is then meticulously edited (including same day edit) to recreate the moment of joy, happiness and love just as if you was there! In each edit, there are introduction, entree, peaks and ending. And such are further synchronized to the song.

If you notice, most of what we do are usually “invisible” to the our couples but these are where the magic lies.

“Why Crazy Monkey Studio?”

Being a good cinematographer is only half the equation. The other half is about good editing and captivating presentation. It is the combination of both cinematography and editing that make or break a film.

It is not about how many cinematographers. It is not about the equipment. It is about the sum of the team that is able to produce outstanding results. From the start, Crazy Monkey Studio was never an individual endeavour. In fact, Crazy Monkey Studio is backed by a team of passionate and artistic cinematographers, editors and crew members. what equipment and etc. When you engage Crazy Monkey Studio, you are in fact engaging our entire team.

“Our films”

Watch it here: Actual Day Films

If you are inspired by our work, contact us at enquiry [at] crazymonkeystudio [dot] com and see how you too can craft your very own fairy tale.