Meme Proposal Sequel | Tim * Audrey

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Song credits and all rights reserved goes to:
Craig Armstrong – World Trade Center Choral Piece
The Piano Guys – A Thousand Years

Ladies and gentlemen…the most anticipated wedding of the year is now here. A rightful sequel to the …

DIY Wedding | Wasir * Brenda

Wasir and Brenda © 2013 justinlaisn. All rights reserved.

Wazir and Brenda are very crafty and creative people. They and their group of friends DIY-ed most if not all the decorations in their wedding using everyday stuff like tissues, papers, IKEA picture frames and many others. If you wanna …

Miss Malaysia Universe 2006 Wedding SDE | Peter * Melissa

Peter * Melissa © 2011 justinlaisn. All rights reserved.

Peter and Melissa’s wedding was one of our highlights for the year. Melissa, a former Miss Malaysia Universe, was stunning and beautiful. Peter and his band-of-brothers were sporting, funny and spontaneous.

It was a simple, beautiful and lovely wedding. Congrats …